Opening times/dates of bars Kumharas, peppers II


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Im trying to suss out what will be open 21 May - 26th May. Also reviews on the following places...

Moby Dicks
Peppers II
Gold crown

McCrakin, do you have any pics of these at all?? or have they closed? :cry:

Also anyone know when Bar M, orange corner and Itaka open (san an bay?) not been up that end for 5 years have they changed hands of are the still around??

Any pics/reviews/dates would be much appreciated as im flying Ryan Air :rolleyes: and for £30 case me and my hubby are sharing leaving me only 15kilos!!!:cry: so Im trying to work out what will be open (and looks ok) so I know what to pack

all of them will be open by then. actually, most of them are open right now..... the tourist season has started already you know ! !

i will post some pictures of the opening of kumharas last weekend when i have time.....

(if the weather continues like these last days you wont need to pack too much..... its ROASTING here)