Opening Parties - When are the DJs Announced



I'm off to Ibiza for the first time this year to celebrate my 30th Birthday (going 15th to 22nd of june with me B'day on Fri 20th)(yes I know I am old and that I should have gone years ago!).

I'm out there with the lads (7 of us) in a phat villa up in the hills, but obviously it's the clubbing that is the key draw!

What I want to know is when will I be able to know exactly who is DJ'ing on the various nights?

There is gonna be some serious in fighting with the lads to choose where we are going, my best mate likes the cheesiest trance going wheareas I like it harder and darker (whump whump, fat B'line and acid lines screaming please! - it all died in 96 though, where o where has the Goa trance gone!)

p.s. guys, bin appartments from now on and get yourselves a villa - We've got a superb villa with flights for £270 each for the week. So when we get back from the clubs we can have tunes wailing and 'chill out' with no hassle and no screaming kids in the pool! Think about it!!!!!
listings will start to be released fairly soon within the next month or so, some have already been released.

Incidentally if you know which djs you won't to see, you can go their websites because they sometimes have where their playing and when.
Nice one, will out the relevant DJ sites.

hoping to catch Tall Paul, AVB, Picotto etc... etc.. etc..., but to be honest it'll be awesome regardless.

Can't wait to pop my Ibiza cherry, gonna be carnage all the way (hence the chill out villa up in the hills).
jep this site as well as the DJ´s you want to know more about and if they are coming...f.i armin van buuren, ....

have fun
ps: you are not too old! My own Husband came there for the first time last year when he was 36! SO CHEER UP! 8) :D