only four more days


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Robo - don't know what time you are arriving on the island but I may be in Casa Piedra on my last night (20th July) and be glad to buy you a beer/wine/spirit if you put your head around the door.

thats very kind of you! thankyou very much!!!.

i get there on the morning of the 20th july so i shall see what i am doing.

where are you staying?
I base myself at Cala Nova, Es Cana but am rarely there except late night around the pool bar but chances are I will get a taxi over to Cala Llonga for a last good meal on 20th - not sure yet but probably between about 8.00 and 11.00pm.
During the day I could be anywhere depending on weather, shopping or just generally how we feel and how much I want to drive.