Only 9 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....



...and 9 Essex lads will be jetting to Ibiza for a nice relaxing holiday.. yeah what ever, will be mad, any sexy young ladies think they have what it takes to keep up with 9 blokes in their early 20's, were just looking for a good laugh! :D :D
:D How long u going for???? Ill b there in 14days! Me and my 3 mates.
If u think u can handle the welsh chicks........... :lol:
Unfortunately only going for 7 days this time, but we intend to use every available hour having it large. Were going out there on the 11th July, yourself?
Arriving there about 1:30am! on the 17th July, we''ll b straight out to pppppaaaarrrtttyyyy :p
17th being the Thursday, that would be our last night in Ibiza how sad! What about giving us a send off then!
To right!!!

Where have u planned to go on your last nite en?
Not to sure yet maybe Twice as Nice, want to get f*cked in more ways than one! being last night and all!


Alright Mr Restarick!