Online quality deep house mixes

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Check out this site :

The site contains loads of quality deep house. None of this cheesy commercial stuff thats everywhere these days.


Oh yeah - and H-Foundation are on at Fabric next week which will be well worth going to !!
Yet another that's found UGH :D

Quality site, and you'll find some rather important people on that messageboard too :)

I recommed Mes's latest mix on there, Dee's "I'm Satisfied" Mix, and an old one of Brett Johnson's, Live @ Zentra (Z'ESS) :)
comin' at ya said:
I like the Olivier Desmet mixes - it's a very similar to the stuff I'm playing at the moment.

Oh Dee's great.

Good dude and a fine producer too 8)

His 'Got Yer $' booty on Peaches with Chuck Diesel was sheer class! :twisted:
Check out the John Larner (Muzique Boutique) mix - proper deep dirty house. It is so good I am dancing around my front room !!

Just to let you guys know that tehre's some new mixes up on UGH.

Mixes come courtesy of:

Matthew Bandy (Deep House Soldiers)
Fred Everything (20:20)
Raoul Belmans (Swirl People/Aroma)
Justin Harris (Music For Freaks)
Leo Belchetz (Chibuku Shake Shake)
John Larner (Muzique Boutique)
Chris Lum (Tango)
Mark Farina (OM)

Should keep y'all busy for a while ;)