Online/Network Gaming


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Anyone into it?

I got XBox live hooked up last week and am discovering the joys of having my ass kicked by people in strange lands far far away :)
I got hooked up quite a while ago and occasionally dabble in whooping Chewie at fifa 09.

Damn I need a dance floor again:evil::evil::evil:
I cant get TOO into it. But I think when its like 4am and the rest of the house is asleep and I've come home from a gig that's frustrated me to no end and there's left over pizza waiting for me and no one to play Street Fighter with, then its cool.

Infact I could probably even appreciate certain role playing games online, but not world of war craft or counter strike. But it's not something I could do regularly
Ps. Am I the only one who accidentally merged poster+thread-title to think this thread was about Naked Online Network Gaming?