One of my fave tunes


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Here here music guru of my personal favs is sunflower by agent sumo.......any know of any tunes similar to this for its funky fluid sound????????

I know i can rely on u guys n girlz to come up with the tunes ;) ;) ;)
I've got that on 12"...nice jiggy funky number ;)

Have you heard any of their other tunes?

There is one called 24hours which you would probably like :)
Yeah I got that one about 2 n' a half years back......another one of my favs......Im sort of looking out for more artists who make those kinda mega funky tracks........know of any......
Pete aka coley
Some of the 'Disco Galaxy' volumes have a retro funky tip to them and I must admit that a lot of stuff on City Rockers Records has found a place in my box ;)

(he he....I said BOX :D )