One night stay somewhere cheap?


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Im sure there has been a thread about this before, ive had no luck finding it though :(

A friend needs a room for two, in San Antonio for one night next week. When i look through spotlight most places seem to have the 4 night minimum stay rule, except places like Sol Bahia and Gran Sol, which are too expensive.

Does anyone have any ideas of hostels etc for one night in San An that are relatively low cost?

One night stays will be difficult to pre-book at this time of year but if you arrive in San Antonio and ask at some of the hostals I'm sure you would be ok. I don't know what their accommodation policies are but I have a gut feeling that you might be lucky at Hostal Las Hurdas or Hostal Nicolau. I know the latter can be booked online through the official ibiza hoteliers website. The tourist offcie near the Egg roundabout may also be able to point you in the the direction of some accommodation?
Hostal Florencio maybe?
Hotel Gran Sol, I stayed 5 people in a room for 40 euro for one night a few years ago :oops:

It was just so we could sleep off the night and drive home safely the following day
All sorted. Thanks for the tips, she managed to extend her stay at the original hotel she was in :)