One night stand


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Oh yes!oh yes!
The meet up are bullshit, i was with best 2 mates
1 french couple and their friend

Only one great usa bloke from other board (didnt succeed to make his 27th space ibz shirt autographed, i should give him tip ,such climbing on crash box and give t-shirt to 1 friendly people in dj booth such my ita contact but only notice he was on booth this midday following his insta publication),he was there..all other people on WhatsApp group not in for many raisons, some solo people really déserve to be solo just sayin ?
Didnt spot the 7 french pack of 1 mate ...
Party was good,not crowdy as Dc10..i left after Fat boy slim set as smoke of people really burn my eyes (lack of sleep)..but mate were until end as i made the pick-up at 6h10am n still some music..


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I only went for the Garden last night, arriving at 20:30. Got to say, I was quiet impressed. Not sure it warranted all three rooms being open from that time, but I can understand why they did when a lot of those early acts indoors are part of the set-up and help with promotion on the ground.
Only the rear 1/3 nearest the outdoor booth was full when I arrived. But by the time I left at 23:15, most of outside was full - great atmosphere!

Coxy again ended on the Deetron - Symmetry track. Some others he played:

Then, completely ditching the Fatboy persona, Norman took over played the kind of set you can bet your life he got the chance to play more often. Absolutely got it right. One funny thing though, best dance floor reaction of the set was for record by a chap called Jack Back. I bet he especially loved the irony of that one. What's in a name, eh?

Some more during his set: