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first heard it during a trip to ibiza 1987, house music had just appeared on my radar with music like t-coy carino, adonis - no way back, nitro deluxe - this brutal house!!

I was aged 17, staying in santa eulalia and persuaded my parents to let me go san antionio for a night with a mate, ended up in "star" loved the music and this one stood out!!

This is one of my all time favourites. I owned a copy of it once and in a moment of madness sold it.It was the double a side 12inch with sirens of acre lane.
I will never forgive myself.

good call Colonel - you might have some luck here


that tune is gold - was massive on the pirates - represents for me the period just before techno, breakbeat and the embers of rave all atomised into disparate scenes - it epitomises, imo, everything that a dark and haunting record should be and custom-fu/cking-designed for the fiercest bassbins.
Cheers olly i'll check it out.
If all goes to plan next year i'll be having a fight on one of the white collar boxing nights around town and that genaside ii tune is gonna be my ringwalk music.