Old Skool Ravers there in June 2009


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Hi forum members,

a few of us are hitting Ibiza San Antonio this summer and we are after some advice of the best clubs to visit where we stand a chance of hearing some of the old classics from the likes of Shades of Rythm and N-joi ect??8)

I'm getting on a bit and i dont think i could handle hard core for a full night so any advice would be much appreciated.

I understand Pacha have a classics night on a friday but trying to find out what is played is proving difficult...:!:

To make it basic I love music i can dance to rather than the bang bang bang that seems to have taken over the old happy piano tunes of the early 90's lol

Any help on chosing the right club is welcome, as i dont want to spend 60 smackers and be down allnight..

C u there maybe...june 18th-22nd just a flying visit..its all we can handle:D

I'm getting on a bit and i dont think i could handle hard core for a full night​

sorry can't help you on this

but like you, love my old skool - might have been different in the North but in London it was all about the hardcore. Was listening to this tape with manix, genaside II, jonny L, sunscreem the other week - still sounds so fresh

hope you find somewhere in Ibiza - didn't hear much classic music when I was out there last summer tho
Paul Taylor normally headlines pacha classics but it's too early and there's no dj confirmations as yet I believe.

He was part of Loveland back in the day also the promoter of Retro in the UK. So it's mostly classic house.

There are also a few old hardcore nights (mostly at Es Paradis) which play the Slipmatt/Ratpack stuff

Does that answer the question???
loveland :lol::lol:

kiss fm seemed to play that every day for about 6 months

Let the music lift you up you mean. The bottom dollar dub was pretty good, the follow up track "somebody" was an exceptional track will always have a place in my heart
can't remember the followup

I liked LTMLYUP for a while then grew sick of it - still got it on the classic best of mixmag CD