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Hey Eveyone, wondering if someone can point me in the right direction for this one...

I got a NIE when I worked for Rocks, but at that time it was only the 3-month one.
If I'm correct, they are now a more permanent thing? So, when we eventually move/buy property in Ibiza, will I need to apply for a new one or would it be a renewal of my old one?

Kim Wrong Un

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grey area I think, depending on your current work status and how long ago you were last 'officially' in Spain. Unless you already have an existing work sponsor, you may have to prove you have X thousand euros in the bank. You may have to arrange a cita previa (appointment) http://www.nie.com.es/cita-previa.html at a police station (check to see if you were issued with a password/pin) but there are also accountants online who will take care of the paperwork for a fee. Either way, it isn't automatic as we found out the hard way!