ok, need to know if the DJ Sammy thing is ok or not...


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...as I dread that´s where we are gonna end up the first nite tuesday in about 2 weeks from now. a lot of people in the dj/music industry have given the nite thumbs up and says is a mixture of harder trance and oldschool and that the place was packed.

if you went, what did you think and how do you rate the music?


I havn't heard a thing about dj sammy's night or dj sammy for that matter
The only thing i know about him is his recent pop hits
I suppose the only way of finding out is to go and have a look.
I can imagine it will be trance music in some sort of form.
If you like that music then its gonna be ok for you.
The one thing i don't like is the whole water thing that happens there last time i was there was in 97 and it was ok apart from the water.
I don't particularly like the clubs in San An for a few reasons
The people are younger, I don't care about someones age as long as there is a bit of maturity there. When i was in Eden this year for retro i left for two reasons one was that there was no atmosphere and it seemed that most of the people there looked a bit lost, the other reason was the 18 yr old boys who would either shout about my tits or try and bump and grind next to me, then when i'd tell them i'm not interested they would either carry on or come out with some sort of crap about being a dick tease or a slapper or something. I never get this sort of problem in any of the clubs away from san an apart from cream @ amnesia.
I don't mind chatting to people or flirting but it depends on how its done.
It might be different at dj sammy's party and it might be full of lovely people just going for a good time and a dance.
The only thing i can say is that the people in the uk that buy dj sammy stuff are usually between 12 - 18 which is statistically true for most pop dance music in the uk. the under 12's tend to buy boy band and girl band stuff.
The only thing i would say is that you could be missing out on something good at underwater on the same night.
You could always go and if its crap go off to underwater.
hehe good answer!
Im probably gonna check it out, but it depends im my gang wants to go to Pacha instead, then im going as well....darren emerson. im clueless. i like trancey stuff, so really i dunno yet!
There's a hell of a lot better things to do on a Tuesday night than to go see DJ Sammy though.


Garlands @ PinUp
Miss Moneypenny's @ El Divino
The Gallery & Clockwork Orange @ Eden
Underwater @ Pacha
Fxxx House @ Privilege
If you like trance then you'll like es paradis and dj sammy
do u like house music or is it not your thing
pacha that night will be pretty housy.
yeah i can imagine, but when i go to Pacha it better be good as im not really big on house in general. ive heard many good things about the water parties with sammy in front, that he DOESNT play cheasy stuff but more uplifting, which I like! vocal-theme trance!
Appearing with Darren Emerson on the 5th August is X-Press 2 so the night will be very housey, probably not your thing.
well it´s ok if its not monotone or vocal-less - i like house when i can tell the difference between the tunes and definately thinking about attending the hed kandi thing, as it looks really great + i like the hed kandi stuff!
well there you go then, you are not completely lost. :p ;) :lol:

might just need a gentle introduction to house, and what better than hed kandi. my guess is you will be hooked from then on. especially if someone spikes your drink with a cheeky tablet. hehe ;) then there will be no way back to dj sammy, i garantee it! :)
i added to my post above. hopefully you will take my advice. hehe ;)

(common someone spike ibiza-girlies drink with some pure mdma) :p
i know hun, just playing with ya.. ;) spiking is nasty. you gotta want it yourself really, if not you would be in for a bit of a SHOCK :eek: :eek: :eek: :D :D :D :p ;)
believe me i know, me and a good friend were spiked in copenhagen a few weeks ago, wqe couldnt remeber a thing and i was sick beyond belief the day after!
i meant want the cheeky tablet/powder. noone wants to be spiked.

(well i wouldnt mind some proper mdma powder in my drink, but it would be good to be made aware of it beforehand.)

usually the stuff people are spiked with is not e's though, more like ryhopnol etc. which makes you close to unconcious. be aware, is all that can be done on the matter. if someone buys you a drink, make sure you follow the process with argus-eyes.