Off The Rails :: feat - SEAN TYAS, DANIEL WANROOY, BEN NICKY & more : 16/04/10 @ Plug


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OTR @ The Plug, Sheffield // FRIDAY 16th APRIL 2010

Featuring -
DANIEL WANROOY (UK exclusive debut)

That's right folks...the legend returns! April 16th see's Sean Tyas' long awaited return to the OTR decks! This man really needs no introduction...known for his productions and sets of the most driving, euphoric standards, Sean has been a major player on the scene for many a year now. 2010 is no different, having played headline sets at the Miami Winter Music Conference just last month as well as closing proceedings at PaSSion's 15th Birthday in Coalville just last month. This set promises to be a truely explosive comeback for the OTR resident, certainly not one to miss out on!

Next up on the line up is Dutchman Daniel Wanrooy. This man can currently do no wrong. Having released and remixed some great tracks over the last few months, including 'B52' and 'Avalanche', he has been cropping up at some of the worlds leading trance events, including
Miami's WMC and the massive Trance Energy within the last month! Next stop for Daniel see's his exclusive UK debut set as he graces the OTR decks for the very first time!

Another man on top form production wise as Ben Nicky, with his forthcoming release 'Driven' already having received massive support throughout the trance world. The end of 2009 saw Ben deservedly recognised for his efforts through being nominated for not 1 but 2 categories through for 'best new face' and 'best producer'! Having played throughout the
UK's biggest nights including Gatecrasher and Slinky, expect trance of the highest calibre form this man!

OTR are also proud to welcome to the decks for the April line up John Dopping, Jack Cheetham and Mike Beaumont. Local boy John Dopping is the man behind one of the tunes of the moment 'The Mind'. With Activa on the remix, it has received massive support from the biggest names in the business marking the beginning of seems will be a very exciting future for the young man. Jack Cheetham is a name also beginning to do the rounds. With a real passion for the music, the OTR gig comes off Jack's set at
Mission in Leeds where he joins the stage with leading names including Bart Claesson and Dan Stone. Resident Mike Beaumont heads up the line up for April, and after his last OTR set where he closed proceedings along side Richard Taylor at OTR Pres. A Journey Through Trance; to say he is raring to go is an understatement!


Full event to be broadcast LIVE on
22:00-06:00 GMT!


VENUE- The Plug, Matilda Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4QD

OFFICIAL PRE PARTY – To be held at Static FKA Takapunas 19:00 – 22:30
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FACEBOOK - OTR - Sheffield (Off The Rails)


CONTACT - Phone Alex - 07843275922 // Dave – 07522243686

Ahead of SEAN TYAS' massive return to OTR next friday, we caught up with the man of the moment to see what makes him tick, enjoy :)

Hi Sean, Thanks for taking some time out to chat to us here at OTR! What does today's busy schedule have in store for you?

Sitting on the train on the way to the airport to spend a weekend for a double-header in Russia this weekend. Should be cool as one is a Crasher brand party, so fingers crossed the people are up for some carnage!

You had the honour of closing Trance Energy last weekend with Simon Patterson, how did that go?

Amazing, we did a small bit of pre-preparation, for the first time for both of us: making sure keys lined up in our tracks, checking best mix-in times, etc, and we really believe it truly paid off. We looked at each other after the set and basically all we could say was: "holy ****"

Sounds awesome! Just where do you get your inspiration for your driving euphoric sounds and blistering sets that you are so widely known for?

I just love to see a dance floor erupt when a track really goes off. Sounds really simple and obvious, but that really is where my inspiration comes from.

Out of all of your amazing productions and remixes is there one that your most proud of?

I think these days I am most proud of how the JOC Take it All Away remix turned out. I put a LOT of time into changing around all the notes of her chorus into a totally different melody, note for note, syllable by syllable, so when people come up to me and ask me where I got those vocals, its a great feeling to know its noticed and appreciated.

It's coming up to 2 years since you last played OTR, what can the crowd expect from this highly anticipated set?

Expect to get back to our roots! It was pure energy then and I hope to bring it back to OTR two-fold!

Do you currently have a favourite DJ/producer or someone we should be looking out for in the future?

Tom Colontonio is making some changes in his production and his general style and I really think he should be watched closely as he develops this year.

With such a busy international schedule, How do you balance work and play?

I barely do, I feel that's my biggest short point. I am still searching for that perfect balance. I want to get a new laptop to make working abroad be a bit easier. Then maybe that balance can really be achieved.

Now for some "get to know you questions"
If you could dine with three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Ozzie Osbourne, because damn, that would make dinner interesting to say the least, Jenna Jameson, because I think we all would love to dine with her, lets be honest, and probably Moby, just to pick his brain about music and techniques... I don't think there are many better producers than him.

What was your first experience with trance?

I guess around 98, when the club I was in one Friday night in NYC, Tunnel, was shut down early, and of course as all little candy ravers would do, scramble for a new spot to go, we found a flyer on the ground with Paul van Dyk on it... And wouldn't you know it, it was just down the street at Twilo! 30 minutes later, my fate was sealed and I fell in love with trance music.

And finally, do u have any crazy "on tour" stories to share with our fans?

I get in trouble every time I share stories like this, so regrettably I must say "no comment" :)

Thanks Sean, we look forward to having you back on the 16th April.

Make sure your there to see why SEAN TYAS regards OTR to be 1 of his favorite gigs!!! Tickets still available online for only £9!
Hey guys,

This months installment of OTR is rapidly approaching and its finally time for the return of Mr SEAN TYAS to the OTR decks.

Once again it is set to go off!!!

Here are the set times for the night:

JACK CHEETHAM 10:00 - 11:30
DANIEL WANROOY 11:30 - 01:00
BEN NICKY 01:00 - 02:00
SEAN TYAS 02:00 - 04:00
JOHN DOPPING 04:00 - 05:00
MIKE BEAUMONT 05:00 - 06:00

Tickets are still available for the bargain price of £9, otherwise you can still pay on the door!

To get things well and truly started here is a mix from Daniel Wanrooy to keep you going until the big night. Check it out, its epic.

Click here to download

See you on the dance floor peeps x
Hey girls and boys,

Stop press: Due to recent events -
There has been a line up change for tonight's event to:
Ben Nicky
John Dopping
Jack Cheetham
Mike Beaumont

As I’m sure most of you are aware, due to the current events in the news with the Icelandic volcanic eruption, flights to and from the UK have been completely cancelled. Unfortunately, this has meant that Sean Tyas and Daniel Wanrooy are unable to get to the UK for their gig at OTR. We have explored every means open to us, either by train, car or Sea, but circumstances dictate that it is just not going to happen. We, as well as Sean Tyas and Daniel Wanrooy, pass on our sincerest apologies, but as I am sure you can appreciate this is completely out of all of our hands. Rest assured they will be back to destroy the OTR dance floor soon.

But DON’T PANIC, in true OTR style, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!! So rather than leave you with no headliners for tonight, we have pulled out all the stops and have drafted in the services of not only JOHN ASKEW, but also OTR favorite, JON O’BIR!

We feel this line up is certainly at the least, equal to the one we had planned, so rest assured tonight is still going to GO OFF WITH A BANG!!!

So people, the arrows continue to point to The Plug in Sheffield. So get yourself down and show your support for OTR! It’s going to be another night to remember.

See you on the dance floor