Odd question about American football



My boyfriend and I are going to Ibiza in Sept. I am going for the music and nightlife and he is going for the beaches. However, he is a HUGE fanatic of American football, and I have a question as to where (IF ANY) there would be a satellite television that would show football games in America. I know this may sound weird but if you have a football fanatic as a boyfriend, you may be sympathetic...thanks for any help! :D
there are a million bars which are kitted out with satellite tv here, i am sure if you asked nicely they would show a live game as at that time of the night it wouldn't clash with any european sporting activities.
First off Honey, Going to Ibiza, should not include any American football!
I love Ameican football myself, but Ibiza is its OWN DESTINY. Going here
is to let it out, and get your freak-on Dear!! No prude ameicans here.,
just the Euro and Euro trash partiers, all together getting it on.

No Tan lines for you & him. get it on :eek: ;)
ibiza has its own american football team - the corsairs - i'd better tell them to stop playing and find their OWN DESTINY.
how about english football? we have a few of those teams as well. ooh and basketball too! drat we've even got a cricket team. oh no, and baseball as well!
"A hockey rink for us Canadians"?... If I am correct (which I am)... My favorite team, the New Jersey Devils won Lord Stanley's Cup whey they beat the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. How Canadian is that?

Sorry, I just LOVE picking on people!! Especally TigerVlc...
Might I add that most of the players on those hockey teams you mentioned are Canadians or Europeans so I wouldn't be so cocky ;)