Oct 5th - Oct 8th: Amnesia Closing + Solomun


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Hi there!

I'll be traveling solo to Ibiza for those dates, and I'm looking for people to hang out with at those parties! The Amnesia Closing party and Solomun+1 the next day at Pacha.
I'm coming to Ibiza mostly for the music and those DJs.

Hit me up if you also love techno and wanna meet!


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Hi sis ,
dont know if u last to midday at manesiabut if we were in touch through my whatsapp gorup u wlil know that i warn people that party end midday so , save some stamina for early hours and At Dc10 , hanging solo is not really a good idea, hoping u met some from here.

ps:didnt have any strengh to text people as having dozen of mates
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