Oct 2nd - Oct 6th


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How ya doin ma fellas spot-lighters?

I will be in Ibiza with the wife from October 2nd Thursday to October 6th Monday.

Was thinking to go the following parties:

2nd Oct Thursday - Monza Closing party @ Privilege

3rd Oct Friday - Just look around the island and chill

4th Oct Saturday - Amnesia Closing party ? am i right ?

5th Oct Sunday - Of course Space closing party !!!

So my question is (Is Amnesia closing party confirmed on the 4th of Oct ?) and will it be any good ?

Also Monza Closing party @ privilege is it confirmed on 2nd of Oct ? and will it be any good ?

Thanks for helping me out guyz ...

Cheeeeerz & hope to C U there 8)
Our Schedule is exactly the same. Arriving on 2nd and leaving on 7th. 3rd Oct to blue marlin.
My party schedule is also identical to yours (soon i'll publish a it here), and then some!

Is there anything special at Blue Marlin on the 3rd of October?
Last 4 days partying in Ibiza 08 !!!

Well guyz i will be in Ibiza from Oct. 2nd till Oct 6th

And basically these are the last 4 clubbin dayz for Ibiza 08 !!

So i had a couple of questions:


A) Shall i go to Monza Closing Party @ Privilege on 2nd of oct.


B) Shall i go to Supermartxe Closing Party @ Privilege on 3rd of oct. (What kinda Music do they play in this party ? )

So from the 2 above which one do you guyz recommend to hit ?



A) shall i go to Amnesia Closing Party on 4th of oct. ?


B) shall i go to Matinee Closing Party on 4th of oct. ?

So from these 2 above which one would you guyz recommend ? bearing in mind that i will hit Space Closing Party the following day 5th of oct.

Thanks fellas for helpin me out here

Do what i do:

2/10 - Monza @ Privilege
3/10 - Goa @ Space OR Supermartxe @ Privilege (yes i still haven't decided about this night as well)
4/10 - Matinne @ Space and then at after midnight i'll head to Amnesia's closing

You see - all is good! :)
Well guyz there are 2 parties that i will be going to for sure:

4th oct - Amnesia Closing Party

5th oct - Space Closing Party

But what i can't decide on is whether i shall go to Monza Closing Party @ privilege on 2nd of oct. or shall i go to supermartxe closing party on 3rd of oct.?

I am more of a house person

So which one you guyz think i'll enjoy more out of these 2 (in terms of music and atmosphere)

Cheerz ppl !
So whats the weather like in Ibiza early October ? like the 1st of week ?

Like what shall i pack ?

shorts, vest, tees, light jumper for some of the nights it's still warm end of sep beg of october :arrow:
carry a jacket with/on u at night as it can and will get very chilled, especially in the late night hours!