Number/Details for a driver?


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I may just get a cab but i arrive in late at night and we were thinking of booking a driver in advance and we may want a driver later on in the trip. Does anyone have a good local guy they use?
cabs you will be fine to get.a driver later in your hols you looking at private hire never can get the same driver as taxi from airport.

or are you looking for a private hire taxi firm.
i just know some people have a private driver that they rely on for pretty much all the time throughout the trip and religiously use and would be good to do that maybe. Had a friend who had a guy he used but he lost his number.
i know who you mean.i will have a look in my card box to see if i still have it.they used to meet up in a bar in playa den bossa,but since taken over my someone esle i don;t see them.