Nude sunbathing anyone?



Last year we were situated in San An and often we would take a boot to a beach...can't remember the name but quite near to it was a little cove where you could sunbathe in the nude. Now i love doing this, not only does it feel so good when you get a lovely all over tan :) My question is: this year we will be staying in playa d'en bossa, anyone know of any nudist beaches near there? And anyone else who likes doing this?
you went to cala conta in san an or you could have gone to punta galera.

es cavallet is the nearest nudist beach to pdb
Not sure if its allowed but 2 girls clothed off right next to me on Bora Bora last year.

hehe you were just lucky to see two naked chicks there! hehehe....
I prefer the more "decent" beaches though....eventhough skinny-dipping is FUN! (Mostly when you´re drunk!) ;)
Formentera is very nudey too.

Went there last year and ended up on the long beach opposite the port.

Most people were naked so I thought why not? - amazingly free feeling - wow :oops:

P.S. For anyone who hasn't been - you must go to Formentera. The beaches are beautiful 8)
I like doing this too! Once in Miami was forced by my girlfreind to go to the nudist beach 30 miles north. What we found there was a mixed families-with-kids and gay crowd. :eek: We sorted it out and decided to move to the gay part and were happy enjoying the sand and each other...
You feel sex differently after nude swim, guys! ;)
Playa Es Cavalet:
The White Isle's official nudist beach is a predominately gay affair, so if you wander to the nudest end expect
an array of buff bodies cruising the strip. Es Cavalet also boasts two fantastic restaurants well worth checking
out. You can get there by taking the Salinas bus, getting off at the Es Cavalet intersection.

Playa Des Ses Salinas
Beaches don't come much cooler than Salinas, which is why it's the place to get sand in your gusset. That's if you 've
got a gusset of course, 'cos down the Sa Trincha end of the beach it's the rigueur to go au naturel. And believe us it's
not just Germans playing bat and ball in their birthday suite - this is where the island's wannebes and handsome bodies
let it all hang out.

Source : Ministry In Ibiza / June 2000

MissEvie, both beaches are not far from Playa d'en Bossa (5 to 10 minutes by car/bus).
Personally I prefer Es Cavalet => less people. Salinas is to busy.
Jan! Excuse for not being a gay?? do you feel shy among perfect male bodies??? :) my girlfriend will not excuse you then...