Nothing is impossible?


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Played just about everywhere at the start of last week it goes... "da da da da da da da, nothing is impossible" in a spanish sounding male voice. Any ideas what it's called?

Found it at last! It's By Dubtribe Soundsystem but there must be a remix because it's not the album version :( But so far the album is pretty good anyway... Gotta love being able to listen to music at work :)
Wicked track!! Saw dubtribe live at the Big Chill last weekend. All their stuff is good so it's worth investing in an album.
Yeah totally, "Do it now" has been a fav track of mine for ages. The album is basically really good. Perfect funky chillout for here in the design studio. Worth checking out for sure.
Oh god, listen to us! We're such trainspotters (!)

My fave is Equitoreal. It's one of the sexiest tunes I've ever heard.