Not a Bora Bora Mix!


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Well Global Gathering is nearly here and tonight is the warm-up on
Absolutely delighted to be involved in a line up that includes Chris Lake and Judge Jules....
I put a call out a couple of months ago on the Global Gathering forum under the thread title, out the box challenge, asking for volunteers to do a mini mix and asking for the tunes that make Global for you, the result you'll hear at 6pm and will be on my podcast from this evening for downloading for the journey down (check out
I came across my first mixtape that i sold in my local record shop, Street Sounds, the other day and found that inside it i'd scribbled a list of shouts to the people i went out clubbing with at the time (Milwaukees Bedford 1992) so i thought i'd complete the circle and explain the thinking behind the mix below.....
Kicking off with a request, i've had the Laidback Luke edit hanging around for a while and it's a superb opener. And given my first Global was only a couple of years ago, when Guetta stole the main stage we go smashing into his anthem remixed for 2009. That same year Carl COx rocked it after Pete Tong and dropped Rocker that got us stomping in the mud, i've included the Eric Prtydz version here as it totally suits the vibe i was going for, just listen to it rumbling along in the background to support Guetta and the start of Axwell. Leave the World behind will be one of this years anthems, i've been a bit cheeky with it as there's definitely an oldskool feel to this years festival so i've layered it with some additional loops and mashed it with a Rave classic from Brothers in Rhythm (i've sent it to axwell so if he writes back i'll be delighted).
Shout out to Sharon T for the faithless suggestion, wouldn't have thought of it myself as i always fall back to God is a DJ, in this case you'll hear an old hardcore trick the "Double Drop"
If your still with me on this journey i'll hand the keys over to Stoofdawg and partner in crime who make the duo China or Die, you should check them out on facebook, their mixing is exceptional and their sound is what nightmares are made of, i'll leave the explanation of the mini mix to Stoof himself but believe me it's the twisted mindfvck of dubstep spawn to the bastardised terror of drum and bass!!

After the Annie Mac review of the mix we launch into a Woody reccomends track, Erol on the mix transforms the Yeah yeah yeahs like no one else....
Next up going out to Mzungu, Andy 79 and Bigrich, (In fact anyone who'll be Altern8ing on friday night!) a classic from yesterday brought up to date deadmau5 style! This leaves just 4 tracks and a party left to have, Morrillo did it in the afternoon for me last year (or at least that's when i think he played if you know what i mean!) and this years remixes of Needing you will be rocking a fair few tents this weekend....
Taking you a bit toolroom wise is the next couple and finishing with some dirty bassline trouble with a bit of a classic hip hop flavour!

1. Daft Punk - Around the World (Laidback Luke Edit)
2. David Guetta - Love is Gone
3. Alter Ego - Rocker (Eric Prydz Remake)
4. Carnival -
5. Axwell - Leave the World Behind (The Brothers in Rhythm Bootleg)
6. Faithless - Insomnia (Monster Mix Edit)
7. Fake Blood - Mars
8. Patrice Baumel - ROAR (Original)

China or Die Mini Mix
Liquid - Liquid is Liquid (DJ Wire remix)
Skism - The Blank (16Bit Remix)
Rusko/Bar9 - Cockney Thug/Coalescence
Borgore - Foes (16Bit Remix)
C@nt Trax - Track 1
Rusko - The Moaners
Callide & Camo - Mash Dem Down
Heist - Mr. Creepy
The Streets - Has It Come To This? (High Contrast Remix)
Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (High Contrast Remix)

9. Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Erol Alkan Rework)
10. Manix - Feel Real Good
11. The Face - Needin You (DJ Wady Fire Island Bootleg)
12. Popof - E-Doser
13. Dirty South - Chaa Chaa (Felix Remake)
14. Chaka Kahn - I Feel for you (Calvertron Remix)