Non EU, Visa needed...:(

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Hi guys.
A thing bothers me, so maybe some1 could give me some info.

I'm 25yrs old guy from small-and-crazy Serbia, and due to our political "geniuses" wherever I want to go I need a Visa, sadly very hard to get. So if anyone knows whether employers usually send a letter of confirmation (that I'll work there) I would appreciate the info.

Is there anyone from Eastern Europe that had this experience b4?

Is it better for me to go with touristic Visa :rolleyes: ?
the reality of the work situation for non eu citizens is this.
you have no right to be work here without a work permit, nie number, and then residencia.

a work permit will be granted if you are invited by an employer if stringent conditions are met. eg if an eu citizen can not be found to do the job.

with an influx of so many young people every summer who will do almost anything for almost nothing it is unlikely that a non eu citizen would be offered a job.

you may find an unscrupulous employer who will give you a job without any benefits...........................

we have some news items about this in our news section. have a look