No VIP available anywhere


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Hi guys just a quick one.

I'm flying to Ibiza for a week on Saturday and I am struggling to reserve any tables at cafe mambos VIP or none VIP for any of the 7 days I am there. Same goes for ocean beach, all days seem to be completely booked up. I'm not big into the VIP but would like to do mambos and ocean beach VIP just for the chill days where we can get good service.

I was told by friends it's easy to reserve tables and you can do it when you're in Ibiza a day or 2 before. Looking online seems to say the opposite. Is there people who have bought these tickets to resell?


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Anywhere is probably a bit of an exaggeration !

It is peak season now, not sure how OBC works but I reckon if you went to Mambo when you arrive and see what they've got that week if you have enough cash they'll squeeze you in somewhere.

Thought about a club ?


Ocean Beach will have been booked up for months, When I went in June, the VIP beds and even the loungers had been fully booked for weeks before hand, and that was early season, now its peak, Ibiza is the busiest its ever been and the VIP culture is rampant. Need to get in early for the standard VIP bookings, but I'm sure if your willing to shell out thousands the real VIP type places will still be open.

I contacted Ocean beach direct, they called me back a couple days later and offed my a 3k euro bed.... I only wanted a 300 one for two of us!

Mambos, just turn up before 6pm and you'll get a decent table, maybe not the VIP ones, but the nice sunset ones. or call direct and book


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All the biggest cars are taken too :rolleyes: :lol: ... It's August and every unfilled credit card is fighting for space in Junior VIP.

Try using a concierge service, if you pay them handsomely they will very likely get you VIP most places still. But honestly, it's the same music, the same venue and often the same food and drinks. You get less for more this month so could also just work with that and get your head round whether you really need that extra space before shelling out 10 times what it's worth :idea:.


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Ibiza is the busiest its ever been

although i don't have any figures yet, my perception is (and talking to others confirms this) that the island is actually not very full at all. but there are lots of "VIPS", that's for sure ;)

i love divers' suggestion lol, but sometimes you do want a bit of the action, so no harm done with a vip table :) good spot by the dj with the salty ones, just turn up early and you'll probably get a good table anyway.

have fun!


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The island didn't feel as busy as last year when I was over in July. Roads and junctions certainly weren't as jammed. Although I think airport numbers were up year on year? All inclusive factor?


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island is definitely not as packed as last year.

Although I think airport numbers were up year on year?

= people coming twice or three times for 3-4 days instead of coming once for 7-10 days equals rise in airport numbers and traffic. it´s not a real growth this year.

as for OBC and mambo vip being booked up....not surprised at that. OBC is working super well and mambo VIP is super small. but as others suggested, just try it when here and if not, I´m also totally a supporter of diver´s suggestion.


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Hi guys just an update. Got back yesterday, absolutely unreal on every level. From elrow at amnesia to Steve lawler at Hi and circo loco at dc10 which was easily the greatest night I have ever experienced.

Everything fell into place perfectly. We went to ocean beach on Tuesday for kisstory, bought a standard ticket on the day and when we arrived I asked if they could do anything for us and we got a VIP booth in probably the best location. Great service and food and close enough to the action if we wanted to leave the table. Went to the sunset strip on Friday to finish the Holiday off with a chilled one watching the sunset. Mambos was rammed and the vibe didn't look great so we went to cafe del mar and asked the very nice women if she had a table for us, she said there were no VIP ones but she managed to get a decent one on the first row. I asked her again about the ones on the edge of the balcony that were reserved and sweet talked her into keeping us in mind if people didn't turn up for them (we were dressed nicely and prepared to spend money so I think that helped) 5 minutes later she came back and asked us to follow her. We had probably the best table on the terrace. Incredible view. The food was amazing and the chilled out music and vibes while the sun set was incredible.


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Ibiza is the blaggers paradise trust me. If you want to and willing you will get in.