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Well the time had arrived i had finally touched down in ibiza after 10 long months it seemed weird being back cause 10 months wernt such a long time if you think about it but just when i thought there was only gonna be 3 of us going, 3 turned to 9 one of our mates was already there and 5 more were meeting us on sunday HAPPY DAYS

we finally got into the paraiso hotel about 5am a little weary we decided to get some kip but stright away this being san an all the beer boys decided that with the west end shut they should carry on boozing at there hotel rooms, we didnt get any shut eye till at least 8 cause of some maniac letting off a fog horn all night and 2 pissed up fellas chucking each other in the pool- secruity is loose this year.

After a few hours kip we met up with our mate down kanya who also managed to bump into some fella at the airport whos girlfriend works at eden this was to come in handy later on in the hols as this guy(we shall call him andy)was a top bloke and is now a good mate,a few drinks down kanya (i say few) before off to coastline for the rest of the day where we were in high sprits we blowing money like it was going out of fashion but who cares we're in ibiza right so then it was off to mambos to see quite liteterally the best sunset ive ever seen and then to bar m where we became mesmerised by the candy girls after dropping some beans the whole place was going right off and i managed to lose everyone apart from my mate where we then decided to make our way to cream, the buses were rammed so was the taxi que so we walked all the way to the end of the harbour to find another bus-paranoia was setting in as my mate managed to drop his beans and lose them on the bus he then thought the bus turned back and was going back to san an :) anyway everything was alright once in cream and within half an hour tiesto who was shit hot dropped andain beutiful things of the nyana album WOW my bottle of water nearly felt the kiss of my tears and stra ight away this became one of my all time tunes then within half an hour the man tiesto then dropped a remix of radioheads street sprit-words can not describe how could this felt but i was on cloud nine-simply the best night of the holiday

I have never suffered from comedowns in ibiza but this year is a different story i chucked some 5htp down my gob which worked a treat and then it was off to slinky after getting offered tickets for 10 euros i knew it would be empty but not this empty could of been less than 500 people in there if that ,still scot project was on form and it was still a good night i can see slinky moving out of ibiza next year.

we decided to rent a motorised dingy out at sunset so after 10 minutes out in this thing all was going well until my mate eneded up chopping his foot up on the proppeller , not good a 3 inch gash and 10 stiches my mate was out for the night at least, still after bumping into our new friend andy he managed to put us on the guest list to retro-result-a good night and what a laugh we had spotting how many different football shirts we could see,i even managed to see 14 repulic of ireland shirts in one night wow how fashionable i bet they pulled.

more or less a day of rest and a night off but we met up with more mates back home and had a few drinks down bar m

monday.this was the only trip we booked up with the reps and now ive realised they are crap even if they r free drink and food, i payed 55 euros for a so called boat trip that went 10 minutes up the road before taking us to cala mori on a coach that lasted for 30 minutes 6 hours of drinking followed and then it was off to es paradis to a water party luckily dj sammi wasnt there otherwise i might have hit him,still it was good fun playing spot the dick in he football shirt-so what next manumission i know a few of u out there think its crap but i think its awesome i blame the techno music myself, this was simply the messiest night out ive ever had but there was one thing that stuck in my mind-as we were walking out of the dome a spanish girl collapsed right in front of us her boyfriend picked her up but her eyes were in a fixed posistion and her skin was just pure grey she didnt look well i hope she was ok

well would you believe it im down to my last 35 euros so what better way to spend it than down the west end,i didnt mind the west end last year but as soon as i walked thru here on my first night i said t myself im not going near that place how wrong was i ,we ended up in play 2 and god knows why, the legend that is farley jackmaster funk was playing :eek: make your own mind up

wedensday and its time to get lashed and boy did we, my mates had to drag me off the dance floor even once the music had stopped only down point of this night is nearly getting mugged walking thru the west end on the way home

cream again tiesto was shit hot again and this time he played motorcycle's when the rush come it was at this moment when me and my mate said whatever happens we r gonna do the whole season out here again next year,this was to be my last nite as from 8am friday i did not get up out of bed i seriously thought i was gonna die was it the ibiza flu heatstroke exhaustion who knows but the bed is all i wanted didnt get out till 12pm saturday

well this year i run out of money (I think spending 200 quid on the first day has something to do with it)i had a few mates who dont appreciate the place (thats why u dont see any sign of me going to space or pacha)and them quite bascically being boring f***s had something to do with it ive had few bad comedowns (tuesdays comedown came staright out of baghdad)

the tunes of the holiday had to be lee cabera,andain beutiful things that radiohead tune and a ton of tunes that i dont know the name off

this is also the last time im staying in san an cause it is quite lieteally poo

so next year its just me one mate and the whole season and the best time of my life
within half an hour tiesto who was shit hot dropped andain beutiful things of the nyana album WOW my bottle of water nearly felt the kiss of my tears and stra ight away this became one of my all time tunes

know exactly how you feel mate ;) :p
Blimey .. my trip was well calm compared to yours!

Glad you had fun though .. and, GO FOR IT next year!