Nightclub & Radio station looking for Djs ( NYC area )


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we have an event coming up in the NYC area this week
and we decided to use it as well to meet face to face some any new djs who would be interested in joining both our nights at the lounge
and our radio station roster of djs.

See event info here

[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica]this event is also being use to have new djs come down and leave us their MiX submission CDS so if yore game
and want to be part of our roster of djs,
get to play live shows from nightclubs,
lounges, and other places

Come down to the place, ask anyone of the djs for Liqid or Bexx or Nick diablo
and we will take it from there

Please make sure to bring with you

1) a Mix set on CD.
2) Your contact info either on a business card in your CD packet
3) A few minutes of time to sit and speak with us.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to PM me directly

If you are NOT a dj from the NY area, please PM me or reply below anyway as we do have djs on our roster from outside the country