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Hi all,

I am coming to work out in Ibiza this summer & I am wondering how important getting an NIE number is to find work?

Ive read some stuff online and some posts reckon its not the be all & end all as most jobs id be doing out there are cash in hand. How true is this?

Do I need this or have people done a season without one? Thanks!

Kim Wrong Un

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we have had this vicious circle whereby they were asking for proof of a certain amount of savings but you couldn't get a job without one so how would you have an income? and then getting directed to websites to arrange a cita previa appointment and then not getting through. all a bit of a headache. I'm not sure if there is a better way of fast tracking an application? if / when you get one @Connor94 could you let us know how you did it?


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definitely worth getting but not from one of these guys that are charging like 80 quid to do it before you get there. just go to ibiza town police station in your first few days and sort it yourself for like 10 euro's. go in a group with someone that speaks Spanish preferably for filling out the forms incase no'one there helps. i'll be doing it in the first week of May


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If you need a NIE, download the EX-15 application form from this website

There is also an english instructions sheet available.

Fill out the form and go to the next spanish Consular next to you place, pay a small administration fee and two weeks later you will have the NIE in your inbox.
There is nothing complicated about it.
Don't waste your time in Ibiza queuing up at the police station.


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just to let people know no matter what it says online you cant just turn up to the police station to get a NIE number anymore you need to have an appointment booked and go to the bank to pay the tax first! I got my number in the end today 7 weeks after arriving in Ibiza. In the end I went thought a company which cost 20 pounds but they filled in all the paperwork and booked the appointment for me so if your planning on moving over make sure you get an appointment booked in plenty of time.