Nice hostals (cheap places) to stay in Ibiza?



Im losing my virginity June 25th, and Im so excited. Im going to be watching what I spend, so I was just wondering if anyone knew of any hostals or cheap hotels that are actually kinda nice? I would be at the really nice hotels, but Im traveling all over Europe for a month with one of my buddies and we're watching the $$$ Please let me know what ya think. Thanx everyone! 8)
at the risk of upsetting anybody....
why not take a look at the hotel section of this site where you can actually book your room on line.
this site under hotels under san antonio hostal mari double room only for 2 in july is 22.50 euro per person per night or for bed and breakfast 24.50 euro per person per night
single rooms for 1 only 26.00 euro a night bed and breakfast 28.00 euro per night nice place friend stayed there last year clean own bathroom with bath/shower/toliet cleaner 6 days a week clean towels every day clean bedding 6 days a week nice cafe downstairs.
thanks for that cheryl.
i actually went down to have a look at this hostal last month and the little bar/diner was quite busy and seemed to have a good selection of tapas. i actually featured it in my easyJet inflight magazine guide for march when it's only 18 euros for b&b.

I think hostal Marina in the harbor in Eivissa is ok. It has a fridge and a nice bathroom. Dont expect luxury but the location is perfect! Air condition is also available, a MUST if youre going in the hot summermonths!
How much was it a night at the hostal Marina in Eivissa?
hostal Marina

I don´t know how much it was, cause my friends payed for me (I was invited so flight+rooms were payed for - nice friends huh?) 8) but they were rerally cheap, but don´t expect luxury!

At stephen said, look at the hotel section, there is info and pic´s there!!!