Next week in ibiza


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Hi all...

Im arriving in Ibiza on Tuesday... v v v excited as its my first last week of carnage on the while isle... but... im a little worried.

OK, So wer going to party our little socks off, but, a little bit of beach would go down a treat, whats the weather generaly like over there last week in sept first week in oct?

I need to know what to pack!!!

also, are the beachest still as blissfull???

Any help would be bonza...
I think with October it's just the luck of the draw my mum has been in that month and it was hot in the day she came back really brown but a little nippy in the night which doesn't really matter.. I would check the online weather the day before you go .. good luck with the weather and have fun :D
Just got back this morning.

From my time there it was 1/3 bright and sunny, 1/3 cloudy with sunny intervals, and 1/3 raining all day.

BUT the good news is the last two days were very hot 8)

Fingers crossed for you