Next month, people will mostly be talking about...


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... John Peel's mix album on the FabricLIVE series, released 2nd December!

John Peel is undoubtedly Britain's most risk-taking radio DJ. He has collected countless awards and many honorary degrees. He lives in Suffolk with his wife, Sheila, and broadcasts regularly from his home 'Peel Acres'. His long-time friend and producer John Walters (who sadly passed away last year) regarded him as 'the single most important figure in popular music of the last 25 years'. Together they made some of the most ground-breaking radio of an era. Following his spectacular soundclash at the 2000 Sonar Festival, John was invited to host a 'Peel Session' room at FabricLive. This is his first-ever mix CD and it captures his all-out approach to club DJing, moving through five decades of music.

01 - Intro - Excerpt from Asa-Chang & Junray: Hana (The Leaf Label Ltd)
02 - The Soledad Brothers:Break 'em On Down (Estrus Records)
03 - Don Carlos: Late Night Blues
04 - MC DET: Hipsteppin' (Times Two Records)
05 - Bad Livers - Lust for Life
06 - The Velvelettes: Needle In A Haystack (Universal Music)
07 - Trouble Funk: Let's Get Small (Island Records)
08 - The Capris: There's A Moon Out Tonight (Sony)
09 - The Fall: Mr. Pharmacist (Beggars Banquet Records)
10 - Smith And Selway: 15.5 Remake (Tronic Music)
11 - Jimmy Reed: Too Much
12 - Maloko: In The Midnight Hour
13 - Derrick Morgan: Moon Hop
14 - The Datsuns: In Love
15 - The Kingswoods: Purty Vacant (Green Records)
16 - Sinthetix: Liar (TOV Music)
17 - Culture: Lion Rock (John Peel Session) (Cultral Foundation Records)
18 - Act 1: Tom The Peeper
19 - Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Factory Records)
20 - Elementz Of Noise: Clock (Emotif Recordings)
21 - The Cheviot Ranters: Corn Rigs Tunes (Topic Records)
22 - Marc Smith vs. Safe 'n' Sound: Identify The Beat (Bonkers)
23 - The Kop Choir: You'll Never Walk Alone (Cherry Red Records)
24 - The Undertones: Teenage Kicks (Sanctuary)
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart Again
Greatest tune from the late 70's/early 80's prog scene
I was at a cheesy club night in Vancouver Canada, and the DJ rescued me by mixing it in. Coincidentally, my enthusiasm for said record (and booty shaking in response) got the attention of what turned out to be a VERY fun canadian.

I would def. get that mix