Next Fabriclive CD mixed by Fabio...


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Following recent rumours of financial difficulty, Fabric prove they’re still very much in business, with the announcement that their next Fabric Live mix CD will come from Fabio.

Radio One DJ Fabio, is of course, the man that many believe helped establish drum and bass in the UK, along with Grooverider.

The DJ, who grew up in Brixton, has been DJing since the early 80’s. His Fabric Live album will be available in early June, at a very reasonable £6. Copies can be obtained from The track listing will be as follows:

1 Calibre - 'Venus & Mars' - Creative Source
2 J Majik Ft Kathy Brown - 'Share The Blame' - Infrared
3 Total Science - 'Squash' – Advanced
4 Calibre - 'ReJack' - Creative Source
5 J Majik Ft Kathy Brown - 'Tell Me' [Twisted Individual Remix] - Infrared
6 Special Forces - 'Miracle' - Photek
7 Social Security - 'Take Away' - Creative Source
8 Marcus Intalex, ST Files, Hi Contrast - '3 A.M.' - SOUL:R
9 Danny C - 'The Mexican' [Instrumental] - Dread
10 Bebel Gilberto - 'So Nice [Summer Samba]' [Marky & XRS rmx] - WEA
11 Influx Datum - 'Dayz Of Glory' - Formation
12 Funk ‘N’ Flex - 'Flow With Me' - Defunked
13 High Contrast - 'Savoir Faire' - Hospital/Tongue & Groove
14 A Sides Feat Fats and Regina - 'What U Don’t Know' - Eastside
15 Danny C - 'Ace Face' - Creative Source
that looks like an impressive tracklisting & you can never go wrong with a bit of Drum&Bass.
Marcus Intalex always does it for me...