News from Marco V.



He was a guest on the radio show of Armin van Buuren and he told him he will be playing on Ibiza for:

-The Gallery

so, finally some Gatecrasher news?! :rolleyes:
I saw him two weekends ago at the Creamfields Launch Party at Nation and he was awful - it was too hard for me, I don't remember hearing one tune so I'll give seeing him a miss me thinks!
electro trance???

he plays trance, a bit harder than the sounds of Armin. He is a great producer and a great DJ, trust me.
GazDaBomb said:
Mixmag January 2003

"Boshing Beats meet Sexy Synths"
Mixed by marko V

Maybe something special for the UK, here in his own country we don't know the term 'electro trance'. Techtrance is a more common name for the Marco V. style.