Could anyone enlightenen me on how you move from been a newbie to regular to guru .......... ect. Is on how many posts you make or how many times you enter or anything else ?????????? :?: Cheers !!!!!
number of posts

50 to be regular
150 to be guru

the next level is secret ;)
I find the title system (newbie, regular, guru) annoying because people write worthless posts to boost their status, such as one liners, etc.

Who really cares? :rolleyes:
Oh, but look, only 31 more and I will be a regular!!! :rolleyes:

Ok, I'm done now.
stop it!! :D
Well, well, well! Look at that.. I am at 50.. I am a regular now.. woohoo!!!!!1
I remember when I made the jump to regular. One of the crowning achievements of my life.