Newbie in Ibiza!


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Hi Guys!
New to here and new to Ibiza so forgive the newbiness!! Me and the other half are off to Ibiza 22June for two weeks and we can't wait!! :lol:

Love a bit of a boogie but we are hip hop at heart - is there anywhere for us?! How about TWice as Nice?

Any reccommendations for clubs, bars, days out etc would be appreciated.

We are staying in the Hawaii - looks alright to me!!

Em x
Hi Emma. Welcome to the forum.

There are plenty of us out here, but I think we're not quite sure what you're asking :lol:

If you're up for clubbing, the main Ibiza Spotlight site (to which these forums belong) has descriptions of the main nightclubs and parties:

There are also reviews of the Hotel Hawaii

Not so much hip-hop on the island, I'm afraid. You've got Twice as Nice (billed as a garage/r&b night) and perhaps a couple of appearances in the back rooms of other nights (there was one such night at Pacha earlier... not sure about the upcoming season though). Alternatively, you could check out some of the bars and smaller clubs concentrated in San Antonio's West End neighborhood...I'm sure there's some hip-hop in there somewhere.

Here's a page with some things to do aside from the nightlife:

Word to the wise - rent yourself a car and explore the island by day. Check out different beaches, smaller towns, etc. It's a nice compliment to your party evenings.
Hi Emma

would love to help but you quickly lost my attention when you wrote

'we are hiphop at heart'

and I am assuming you mean the modern variety which hangs around the charts and local ford fiestas like an immovable stench not the golden era of run dmc, rakim et al

if Ibiza ever goes hiphop then that is it. the dream's over, it really will just become some dire extension of a night out in croydon.
Emma - I think you will prefer Magaluf

Twice as Nice will be more "garage" than Hip Hop. All you really have is Soul City in the West End, I cannot comment on that as I have never stepped foot in there.
Ya, I should clarify - I don't think you'll find any pure hip-hop venues... just some r&b that might have something mixed in.
Thanks for the response guys. I have been to Magaluf plenty of times and I didn't expect Ibiza to be hip hop orientated - I'm not that stupid, just thought there might be a bit thrown in here and there. Like I say, I'm happy to dance just not to trance! :)

Thanks for the sweeping generalisation Olly, such a nice welcome to the forum. Do De La Soul or Tribe Called Quest meet your standards or should I stay by the fiestas?
Thanks for the sweeping generalisation Olly, such a nice welcome to the forum. Do De La Soul or Tribe Called Quest meet your standards or should I stay by the fiestas?


emma, nearer the time, come back and we'll go through the listings and see if there is something that might tickle your fancy.

for example, i'm sure kenny dope is playing at defected whilst you're here and he's always good for some quality old hippityhop.
I stayed in the Bellamar which is near the Hawaii, not a bad area. You can walk to San An town if thats where you want to go out.

Keep an eye out for the Pacha Global Room announcements in the confirmed section

there's usually hip-hop nights there run by the likes of Mucho Muchacho

they don't usually get announced till nearer the season start
Now that's more like it grego!

I'll be lurking around here to get a little 'must see and do' list together before I go. :)
I got trully tangoed there :D:D

q tip recently played cargo and by all accounts was very good - but I am generally very out of touch on that front

*belated grovelling welcome, Emma

To be fair the forum practically shuts down over the weekend... :lol::lol::lol:

Not really much in the way of hip hop in the nighttime apart from the nights mentioned but plenty of DJs have been known to drop a couple of old school jams mid set in the daytime at various places around the island.
LOL Ferd I thought the same thing. Usually have to come up with a random forum style name but I just tried Emma and it accepted it.