New York - back on the map?


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I think so.

Last time I was there was 2004 and I caught the end of the resurgence of the superclub boom. (similar to what happened in the UK when Ministry/Cream/Gatecrasher/Godskitchen cashed in during the mid 90s)

Since then, Crobar, Spirit (Sound Factory/Twilo), Avalon (Limelight), Plaid and loads more have all closed down due to the no-fun Giuliani administration and deputy mayor Rudy Washington's derision of dance clubs as 'buckets of blood'. :rolleyes:

Anyways - I'm glad to say the black downtown and Brooklyn scenes appear to be finding their feet again (yay) as I experienced something really special of the like you could only ever find in NYC.

1. Libation = Thursday nights at the Sullivan Room
More of a venue of self expression than a club. To call the style 'breakdancing' almost degrades it as this place is quite literally an orgy of the sort you'd only find at a trance-dance workshop. Naturally, a lot of them are professionals but to watch them writhe around all over the floor and shadow each other is quite an experience (& something I only ever used to read about in the golden era). So this midweeker was an excellent find!

Check it out but 'scuse the esoteric (imo loveable) way these American's refer to their dancefloors:

2. Danny Krivit's 718 sessions = Sundays at Santos
Well worth the trip. I've heard a lot of this guy's recent remix efforts and they were clearly made with the 718 crowd in mind as he played them all!
Amazing mixed crowd of ages and backgrounds, sexual persuations and genders (at least three :lol:)...also loads of dance floor interaction, singalongs and an eclectic music policy from the last 40 years which was as upfront as it was retrospective.
Inspired and very impressed.
You just don't find this in London because of the arrogance that comes with genre compartments, drug overuse and DJ ego-ism.
(except at the Loft but that's hardly a home grown event is it?)

I think I want to move - hoping this is a passing moment as I do still adore Londres! :lol:

So - great weekend all in all and thought I'd share.

Russ - thanks for 'The Place' restaurant was perfect. 8)
Have a friend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn & another on the lower east side... they both seem to find plenty of cool nights. Like London, they tend to be small. basement bar affairs where people are left to do pretty much what they want. Met loads of decent people on my last visit & there was very little attitude.

Stayed here last time:

Looked cool, but was full of tossers. The type who would enjoy Whiskey Mist, Movida etc.

Had drinks at this place:

Poncey, but well worth doing as a one off for the night time views! 8)