New Years


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I know it has already been brought up but still no responses to that one....what is going on in Ibiza for New Years Eve????? I want to get out of here and I haven't decided if it's worth it to make it all the way down to the isle.........Has anyone celebrated there before????? Is it a good time????
Nadia, I am going to be celebrating NYE on the island for the first time - I KNOW it will be better than being in London where all the clubs are rammed and extortionately priced! Apparently last Xmas it was over 20c, sounds good to me!
Yes...yes it me even 0 degrees sounds good to me!!!!! For New Years here everything is can't find a taxi anywhere....and you can't even dress up in something cute b/c it is too cold!!!!! I wonder if I can get the days I need off work????????
Know exactly what you mean! Tell your boss that it's in his/her best interests to let you have the time off as it will result in a more hard-working, relaxed employee! I work for myself so don't have to deal with all that...! :D

sorry to burst your bubble but.....

the night's are very cold here in winter - already local girls and boys are swathed like cossacks on the russian steppes, taxi's are not exactly plentiful on nye, i've always had to drive to my destination, but thankfully the big clubs that open specially are really really cheap!

whoops. that was a typo. i meant really really expensive - just like always!

i think james went to amnesia last year - free to go in, but 20 euros for a drink!

however, i find cold nights quite charming when sitting by a log fire in country bar, or snuggled in a big overcoat outside under one of those gas heaters. the days are warm and fresh in the sunshine with lovely places to walk. and if being seen in a rip off palace isn't your style then all the local councils have big marquees with free entertainment, music, and parties all over the festive season, and drinks at normal bar prices.