new years eve


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well xmas over(hope you all had a gud one) what have you got planned for new years eve.Mine is clean house ,cook food, then my kids and friends come round and we party like its1999 .HAPPY NEW YEAR
My NYE begins with LSU stomping GA Tech. Then Circa w/ Kimball Collins and Eve Falcoln. Then an intimate locals only Techno party. Then a friends house for Glitch and Dubstep. And finally back home giggling to MST3K all afternoon( thanks to Letsgetdownanddirtybaby).
Going to need a new brain after this.

Happy New Year everyone.
Ancient People for the best Indian for on the Island, Then Underground/Pacha/Wherever.
Probably will not happen but Water skiing NYD is planned.:eek:

Have a very good New year all !!:D:D