New years eve @ ibiza meeting



Who is going to ibiza on for the new years eve parties?

This would be a great way to spend new year, however i'm not going to be there but i went last year and there was a great underground party feel to it.

enjoy it if your going.
I read your story in one of the other topics. That's how i got the idea in fact. Last year we had the idea to but tickets are expensive in december. Maybe i will go with my car. It would be fun if we could meet with an international group of party people like the summer.

glad i could be of assistance haha!!!
no but seriously the party over news year eve is amazing, you see i think they celebrate the new year more than xmas in ibiza, which makes it really special, last year they had lord G form def mix at pacha, space was opened, dc10 was opened, it was a great party atmosphere, one of the best bew years i have had. Its worth the fuss of organising it.