New Years Eve 2008/2009

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I'm gonna try and set a masterbating record on NYE, 8 is hard to beat but I reckon I can manage it with the required training.


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He's not all bad!
Dave Spoons' playing too!



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a bad boy friend of mine told me this classic guetta story of when he played at ministry and he opened the main room, playing from the start.

so naturally he played it a little deeper and built it up to start off with didn't he?? :lol::confused:

3rd track samim - heater :lol::lol::lol:


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Putting on a massive notsolegal party with Funktion One sound that will go well into new years day. Should be fun (Jan 2nd booked off work already)


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Just booked my Barcelona flights for New Years Eve.... cannot bl00dy wait! After the stresses of these exams I need something to look forward to.

If anyone hears of any good clubs on around NYE/NYD let me know! :D


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Last year i was in London @ Moondance, London's biggest and best NYE party,brilliant nite, prior to that ive been in Dubai the last 4 years on NYE, 3 of those have been djing and all being well ill be there again this Xmas and NYE dj;ing as well8)

Did you go with Bill Murray?