New to Ibiza...


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Hi Kids...

My first time to Ibiza this summer (going August bank holiday).

You lot seem to know your stuff..So I wondered if you could reccommend some 'must do' Clubs when on the island? Are their any clubs in your opion that I shouldn't bother with?

Also is Cafe Del Mar worth a visit, or is there anywhere better? I am looking to do Space on the people do Bora Bora before moving on to space?

Just a few tips, do's & dont's would be wicked....

Cheers! x
what is your house? (I mean what style are you into?)

If you never been to Cafe del Mar you must go... so you will be dissapointed too. The Cafe del Mar dissapointment is part of the Ibiza fun.
Everyone has different taste on here so to start off, what music do you like?

If you want to go to Space on Sunday it's worth a trip to Bora Bora before! and don't go into space to early or make sure you know what time your fav DJ's are playing.

Cafe Del Mar is on the Sunset Strip - check out Cafe Mambo, Savannah and Sun Sea bar on the same strip, better IMO. Savannah is a MUST! Especially around sunset 8)

If you hate rowdy beer boys and that kinda scene, avoid the West End in San Antonio but it's good for a few cheap drinks before hitting the bigger clubs. It's worth checking out though even for a quick one...

Personally, I would avoid Es Paradis because I hate Foam/Water parties but some ppl like that kinda thing. I would try check out Amneisa and Privilege but again, depends what DJ's you like?

Where are you staying?

-Walk outside DC10 moaning what you have missed;
-Get loaded at Cocoon afterparties at Sven's Villa possibly;
-Blag yourself in at Pacha, pretending you are James Blunt;


-Double drop in front of a bouncer at Space;
-Hoping to hear the latest tech-houser at Defected;
-Go to Eden and moan at the Beer Boys, you are in fooking England after all.
Youll be hitting Ibiza at possibly the busiest time. Some hate it in August, but personally i love it as everywhere is packed and its a cool atmosphere. Horrid if you're working there mind!

Anyway... the clubs...

Amnesia - best club on the island now, the terrace is Ibiza to a T
Pacha - Its an institution. Expensive, yep, but you gotta go
Privelege - Massive, if theres a night that fills the place its inspiring
Space - Personally, i dont really like it anymore, the magic has gone with the day clubbing, but its still got some awesome nights, Carl Cox and Friends in particular.

El Divino - Good club, smaller, and just make sure you DO NOT go Hed Kandi, its shocking. If you go to an El Divino night go to MN2S or Louie Vega

Eden - Apparently it got better last year with a re-fit. Still too much like your local Ritzy for me.

Es Paradis - Its a beautiful place, and the interior is stunning, but it just hosts some awful, awful nights there. Pick it up and drop it anywhere else on the island and itd be tops. Dont waste your time there unless you want to see the interior. Just dont stay!

Gala Night - You'll probably find yourself here on a saturday afternoon if you're with a big tour operator. Its simple and a good laugh

Extasis - just dont even entertain going

Underground - This place is for the in the know posse. Good, but can be pretentious with a large local crowd

Cafe Del Mar is most definately worth a visit, its on the "Sunset Strip" - which is a collection of bars that are busy at sundown time. Cafe Mambo is the best of the Sunset Strip now, Cafe Del Mar is the oldest there and mostly popular with the local, older crowd.

And Bora - Bora? Its **** now really, go to say you've been, but you'll be seriously unimpressed now that its been shut down by the authorities.

In a nutshell - Make sure you go to Amnesia, Space, Pacha and maybe Privelege. Hire a car and explore. Its a good way to kill the hangover or comedown 4 or 5 days into your holiday, by which time you will be struggling. Just drive somewhere, anywhere!
If you're staying in San An, make sure you go to Ibiza Town one evening at least, its a much better cosmopolitan night out.

Make sure you dont end up at Eden most nights

Make sure you dont go to Es Paradis more than once!

Go out in San Antonio and ignore the snobs that say the West End is ****. It is what it is, and if you're after wall to wall drinking, thats the place

And always, always get out of bed by 1pm. You'll regret it if you stay in bed until the afternoons, trust me, if you dont get out of bed, that 10 day hangover does not get better!