new refits in playa den bossa plus bars ect


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algarb in side is now one big room.jet apts desk is more open migjorn total refit inside and out.better safer desk crazy golf near funfair 3 euro; tarmac and markings on main dj mark back at big ben.after a 2 year break.moby dicks has reopend again.with guess who running it.yes crazy scots guy jimmy.very good dj playing some good tunes as well.

still not many in resort as off today 10th june.but talk is its picking up from the really have got to make the most of it.

Don Simon

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Hi woody,good that Jimmy is back in the saddle at Moby Dick's,did you happen to notice if Paco's Bar next door was still for sale.
Hope you had a good trip!


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migjorn looks so much nicer, as does jet entrance.

hopefully this is the start of all hotels sorting themselves out and smartening up, there have been too many for too long who have got away with poor facilities and poorer service.

Ali Bon Tempi

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Good to hear Jimmy's back, shame it will be the first time in 10 years I won't be on the island! Will defo say hello next year!


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yes paco;s place is still for sale,you can get him most mornings just up the road having a coffee around 10am.if you do pop in moby dicks.say i sent you .woody.just doing my bit to help the bars out thats all.