New Order - Blue Monday- Daren Emerson

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I have heard Darren Emerson just set off the house with this tune twice in the last few months - Pasha and at Underwater-The End. Does anyone know who has done this remix and where it might be obtained????
Dont have a clue who does the remix or where you could get it but thought i might call in to say
LURVE THAT CHOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry. i know that doesnt help you.
I know. When it was played at Underwater on Saturday the whole room went bonkers. Just thinking about it now makes all my hairs stand on end.

It is a phat choon indeed. 8)
underwater? where was it? where you there? love hearing emmense tunes like that when your out and they make ya wanna pass out or wet yourself or sumin. its amazin. welcome to the form by the way!
Darren Emerson was playing at his own night, Underwater - The End which is a monthly night in London. What is good is that you have a really friendly crowd, something which in many London clubs you tend not to.
cool. didnt realise that he had an underwater residency over in london. not really that i would. might go and see him this weekend in a club over here or else xpress-2 at a different club or perhaps just playstation2 in my flat cos im completely skint and cant afford to go out at all. complete nightmare.
when i saw him play at pacha in ibiza last summer he played that tune. didnt sound like a new mix to me though. that night he mixed it into donna summer, i feel love. worked a treat to my ears...........
ya gotta love Dazza! he really does know how to bang them out. when i heard him in pacha he played donna summer, "i feel love" but cant remember wot her mixed it with. what i can remember him mixing was sweet dreams followed up by felix da housecat, siver screen "shower scene" followed up by that "harder, fitter, faster, stronger" bootleg that came out during the summer.
it was a that moment that i simultaneously passed out and wet myself with excitement so i couldnt really tell ya much more about the night apart from that it truly was amazing!
Now that you mention it, I do remember Darren Em mixing in a Sweet Dreams 10 min version which was brilliant!!! I was there the second week of Sept and it was a fantastic night!!
you might have been there the same night as me. were x-press 2 plaing the same night? it was possibly the best night i had in ibiza with exception maybe to we love sundays. but then again as robo said in another post it really is hard to compare the 2. pacha and space are very different clubs and very different party atmospheres!
Ideed! Underwater vs Subliminal was my best night on the island by far, but Space was not far behind!!! However back in London the onle places which have come close recently is Serious @ The Cross which is fantastic and Underwater at the End. Best nights in London.