New Member House Tune ID *please help*

Hi all ive just found this great community on the net and being a regular visitor to ibiza over the years i think this is a site id use alot for info and chat etc. Im hoping that someone might be able to ID a house tune i heard in ibiza this summer. Its prog house style with a piano riff with a kinda moby style "blues" sample. Ive been after it for months now but had no joy - any info or guesses would be great - cheers guys
yeah its definately not that mate definately not as main stream thanks anyway - its has a "blues" style male sample in it and a piano riff - not old skool piano either
Similar vibe mate but its a tune thats come out this year - cheers anyway - the only clue i have is i asked a bar maid where it was playing the last time i heard it and she said it was by something that sounded like "cidermen" or something similar but ive never found anything that leads to anything when typing cidermen