new comer need your help



Hi,I'm a new comer and I need your help.
I'm working for a magazine in China and I want an article about ibiza. I've never been there :cry: ,I mean,Ibiza.But I love that place,the music,the club,sunset and the island. I need an article in about 1000 characters :rolleyes: . Hope you can help me.Pls leave me a massage and many thanks in advance :D .
if someone will give tango a 'massage' then i want one too, my shoulders are killing me.
fergie said:
if someone will give tango a 'massage' then i want one too, my shoulders are killing me.

Wasnt last night enough for you! Im not just a piece of meat ya'know! :evil: ;)
So you can sell it and further your career???

Why don't you just use the site, browse the opinions and formulate some ideas yourself?

I could, of course write you an article, but I don't think it would be exactly what your media gloss wants.

There's more to Ibiza than music, sun and drugs, unfortunately, as the island becomes choked with regulations, corruption and capitalist greed!
rock on james.

anyway tango, i sure as hell dont see anyone doing my assignment thats due in for friday, eh? it's only 1000 words as well!

and lastly, tiesto, i need MORE! :D
Sorry for my poor English.

Sorry for my poor English.
I need your help because of the quality of the article. I want more style in a magazine,so I need your words with your own style. I don't think I can compose an good article with the info only. Ibiza is a place should be felt, isnot it? By the way,the newsroom will pay for your article,but author's remuneration is not high. Hope you can enjoy to share your feeling to all of us.
James,are you live in Ibiza?