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on the house sitting thing - normally applies to pretty big summer houses not really equipped for winter. I have a few friends who've done this in the past, but have stopped eventually because either they were sick of being cold at home or otherwise paying a lot for electricity or fire wood. it's all things to consider ;)


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Just my opinion.

Don't move to San an !
Few reasons I won't go into .

San raf, santa g , santa E
Anywhere on the coast Fromm llonga to es Cana you will find places to live and some sort of work . But and it's a big but .

It's expensive and not easy to live here .

If you find a room for less the 550 pm you have done well . 2 bed 1000-2000
House 2000+

That's without bills

Work also tuff but not impossible if you work remotely and be paid in the U.K. You will earn more then over here .

Winter - the parties are the best , once you have a good crowd you will be out more in the winter then the summer .

When I came over I was blinkered that everyone is cool and there was no dicks here , trust me there is some right c u next Tuesday's that are skint and will rip you off

On the other hand there is some absolutely sound peeps and we have made some great friends .

Ohh and if you need a removal company I can help !


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The main thing that puts me off about San an is that in 10 years time I think a load of stag doo''s outside my door for half the year may start to grate on me. If prices are reasonable I'm swaying towards santa eularia now tbh.

What area do you live in? I'm thinking about possibly getting into a trade to help me through cause I'd need to do a ridiculous amount of hours in a bar or restaurant to get by living alone. Also, I've worked in the hotel trade before and it was about as enjoyable as the plague.


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I've always wanted to do ibiza for new year. Haven't done it yet cause the flights are expensive and I know non of the clubs bar dc10, and pacha are open and the sunset and West end strips are shut.