Need to share


Ian Bit

Not very Ibiza-ey but need to share. Well I wish it was more of a fixture in ibiza this year - Sasha.

Saw The Man Like on friday at Sankeys Soap in Manchester - The man is an utter legend, awesome tunes, mixing, layering and programming for 5 hours. Its great when someone exceeds you already very high expectations of them.

Shame he is not in Ibiza mu8ch this year.
good for u Ian, sounds like u had a wicked night then

i've heard allot abou this sanky soaps, if i ever get my lazy arse up to manchester i will have to pay it a visit :D
Red I think I know who you are.....

Disgraceful getting ejected from Tangled!!! ;)
sasha is playing on my last night in Ibiza in Sept @ Pacha.... am looking forward to it more than anything... :D

it is a shame he isn't playing more though :cry:
I'm going to see Sasha @ Pacha on 5th Sep and can't wait

Hey - my name is Natasha so it will be

Tasha seeing Sasha at Pacha :lol:


Taxi for Tasha! ;)
ey i'm trying to keep my f*ck up rep.utation a secret :rolleyes: anyways :oops: i deny everything...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: