Need somewhere to live in ibiza this season?


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Hi All.

Cut a long story short.. I was meant to be spending the whole season in ibiza but have now been given the opportunity to go to Thailand for a couple of months.. so i have decided to leave the white isle on 25th July! But theres one problem.. me and my friends have a contract on an apartment, so we need someone to fill my spot as of 25th July throuhg to the end of season.. apartment is lovely, have been there before. It sleeps 4 people, kitchen, living room, TV, balcony, bathroom with washing machine and cleaners who come round twice a week! Its the Laura apartments if you wanna check them out! Also has a swimming pool and internet facilities! The deposit is 200euro for the appartment which you will obviously get back at the end of your stay, and rent is around 320euro a month! Its an awesome place so please get in touch with me if you are interested, email addy

Cheeeeers :)