need some help



i have read all ur posts and cant wait to get out there,just a few ???? for ye.what time does space start on sundays and what time should u get is on during the day right.what about the carry on party after manumisson which is better.bring it on cant wait!
Ant - I'm not the right person to help you as I haven't been to Space - I'm sure if you have a good search you can find the answer in some of the recent posts.
Soz if I wasn't much help - I just don't like seeing unanswered posts - especially from newbies who should be made to feel welcome :D
Space starts really aerly - not sure of the exact time though, you get in for a big discount before 10am, so I would guess about 8am??
Terrace is open till about 12.
Starts at 8am Sunday morning thru til 6am Monday morning. The terrace doesn't open til 10am. I personally go midday til midnight when the terrace closes, I've done the inside of Space and it's just not my kind of thing but it's all down to personal choice.
If you want the real Space experience you are better off going on Sunday during the day rather than going Carry on for Manumission .....I find arriving just after lunch is ideal. If you are paying full price on the door you should be able to get a wrist band which gives you one chance to leave and come back you can enjoy the terrace for a few hours, then go out and hit Bora Bora in the early evening and then come back into Space for the last few hours of the terrace (up to midnight).
Hope this helps.
I would definitely agree with Barbie, don't bother going in too early, and the inside of the club is rubbish compare to the terrace. Beware of the cash machine when in a state, and have a go on the funny massage chairs if you have the time and money to spare, I almost fell asleep last year :rolleyes:
yer i went at 8am once got in cheap no wristband though

stayed there for 16 hours and just got too tired so had to leave

was great fun though