Need some help with a tune Morillo played more than once !


Thiago from Brazil

Hello everybody !

I was really amazed to see how easily people from this board can tell the name of a song, based on only a few words or sometimes even less than that ! :eek:

So now it´s my turn to cry for your help ! :oops:

I stayed in Ibiza from Sep 1st to Sep 12th and had a wicked time. :twisted: My last party was Subliminal@Pacha. Erick Morillo played brilliantly as usual. :p At around 6:15am, he played a slow tune, whose melody resembled Daft Punk´s "One More Time" and Space Cowboy´s "I Would Die 4U". The lyrics kept saying something like "Summer sun review... summer sun review... summer sun review..." or perhaps "summer song revealed" ? Or perhaps "Silence-something-else ? I´m Brazilian so I couldn´t understand it... :oops:

I was having such a happy time... it was magical. 8) Then I went to Madrid and, on Sunday Sep 15th, I attended my very last party, which was Space of Sound (an after-party in Chamartín train station), whose special guest was (guess who ?) Erick Morillo. And he was awesome again, and the song he chose to finish his set was (again)... "summer sun review..." :rolleyes:

Now I need to find out the name of this song, because every time I listen to it it will take me back to these magical vacations. Could anybody help me ?

I think that Layo & Bushwacka also played this misterious song, a capella, at Space on Sunday 8th.

Thanks a lot for your help !

the song that you are looking for maybe

together - 2 much love to give.

i maybe wrong
has nebody else got ne suggestions.
Yeah i was there! The I love NY night right? Wicked! It went on for ages didn't it?! Awesome tune and it's almost definitely Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon (Together) - So Much Love To Give. Out on Roule. Such a good tune!
Great ! :p Can anybody else confirm that ?

Yeah Tim, it was I love NY... and Erick played it for almost fifteen minutes. It felt very special to me. :) I had to leave for the airport within half an hour, so inside myself I was saying goodbye to Ibiza... and this song just embraced me and showed how special my whole journey had been... 8) really meaningful moment. And I was lucky to catch Morillo in Madrid and he finished his set with this same damn sweet tune ! :p

I posted a full review today, go check it if you´re curious... ;)

I think you are looking for "Two Months Off" by Underworld.

That was truly an amazing set by Morillo on the 11th of Sept.
Well, I can tell you for sure it´s not "Two Months Off"... but thanks anyway. It´s a great track and was one on the anthems of my trip as well.
(You bring light in... you bring light in...)
Hi again...
About the "So Much Love to Give" tune... could anyone tell me where to get it ? Any site to download it from or any compilation to buy ? I searched in Kazaa to download and HMV and Tower Records sites and just couldn´t find it. :confused:
The same with "Sunshine" by Tomaz vs. Filterheads which I´d love to get as well. :rolleyes:
Any help really appreciated ! Thanks !!! :D
go to or thjey are the best for house at the moment ;)
try KAZA again. I found 2 radio versions of "So Much Love to Give"

One was from Seb Fontaine's radio show and the other was from Pete Tong's show.