need help with the name of a song I heard in Ibiza



Hello everyone,

I was in ibiza two weeks ago and heard this song at least 6 times. I heard it at Bora Bora twice and on the radio. It is in Spanish and the chorus goes something like "se la la es se la." The Spiderman at Bora Bora was dancing to it. I know it is a very vague description, but i am sure many of you heard it while you were there. Any help would be appreciated.

Chus and David Penn feat Caterina - Baila

not sure though, maybe some idea of the sorta style or instruments in it would help?
the actuall words are
es a le sa la es sa le a e es sa la
junior jack e - samba
it is spanish and translates to "lets get down and party, party tonight"
its twue its twue