Need Help Planning my Trip...


Johhny Bravo

I have reservation at the Jet Apartments at Playa D Bossa...

I am yet to book the airfare.

My plan was to get the cheapest flight to Valencia and take a ferry to Ibiza.

That would set me back around $675 U.S. Dollars - For the Airfare.

I can't figure out how or when the ferry runs. I don't want to be stuck in Valencia or not be able to make it back when I'm leaving.

Is there a ferry that continously comes and goes to and from Ibiza???

I tried the links on the post about ferries to Ibiza, but I'm still not sure about it.

I don't want to spend $1100 U.S. dollars per person on airfare getting to Ibiza, I need to save the $$ for goodies and parties.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. :D
johnny, calm down

there are ferries from the port of denia. it is about 90 minutes from valencia.
two companies run the route

between them there will be 5 or 6 sailings every day from denia to ibiza or san antonio. the return price is about 40 to 60 € depending on the company and ferry.(balearia include transfers to and from valencia in the price)
the ordinary ferry takes 4 hours and the superfast 2 hours. they carry 600 to 900 passengers each.

you can reserve a seat or a small cabin( more expensive but maybe you could throw a party in there)

does this help you?
I appreciate your help Stephen.. I will definately check it out! Thanks.
Is that schedule year round?
Can you bring your car?

My wife and I are goint to Madrid on March 25th. We planned on driving to a port and taking a ferry to Ibiza on or around the 2nd of April and leave Ibiza on the 6th. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


yes that schedule is year round. (poss one less sailing per day in april)

madrid to denia allow 5 0r 6 hours in a car

but, is it your own car or a hire car.

the cost of putting a car on the boat return equates to about a week's car hire in ibiza.

but there you go - that's the info.
Car is a rental


The car is a rental, I may just take Taxi's around Ibiza.
i would advise that you rent a car here for a couple of days. see the island. the beginning of april is really nice. save the taxi for when you've had a few.
I hear that it's dangerous to drive on the island... Is this true?

(wreckless drivers)

If I am new to the island, what are the chances of me not getting into an accident??
Johhny Bravo said:
I hear that it's dangerous to drive on the island... Is this true?

(wreckless drivers)

If I am new to the island, what are the chances of me not getting into an accident??

JB--Its not dangerous at all. They drive on same side as us bro. I never even drove stick b4 I got to Ibiza and I was cruisin all over the island in no time....

Also how the hell did you get a flight for $675? that's sick bro!!
Hey Juice,

how much are you paying for your flight?

I got a good deal, let me know what your plans on getting down there are, and we'll share ideas.

I need some advice anyway.

When are you going?
It is still up in the air when I am going....

Last year my brilliant plan included flying into london for $800 - $250 Amex discount=$550 and then taking a charter early the next morn out of Gatwick for $250. I thought this would be big savings. With overnight hotel around $100 + $50 transportation total money to get there was $950 which is almost what I woulda paid straight from NY to madrid to IBZ. Most of flights I looked at were $1000-$1200

It was a total nightmare I was so exhausted when I got to IBZ I was like a zombie for first few days. I didnt realize that Gatwick and heathrow were so far apart :(